Why is link building so hard?

Link building is difficult because it takes a long time and it's difficult to acquire links with a low domain authority (DA). These links may not even affect your website's SEO ranking. On the other hand, acquiring links with a high DA is even more difficult. Link building is essentially like buying real estate.

One of the main obstacles we face as link builders is that people are unpredictable. This is especially true on the Internet, where people don't feel so responsible for their actions. However, if you focus exclusively on link building, you'll be sabotaging your campaign. While it's very difficult to increase your domain authority without active link building, if you focus on link building exclusively or too much, it's only going to work against you.

Google and other search engines view links from other sites as “votes”. These votes help them identify which page on a given topic (among thousands of similar pages) deserves to be at the top of the search results. I think the reason why people promote getting links is because they've tried to create links and found that it's not that easy. In any case, links are still the core of Google's search algorithm, and without link building, great link equity is left on the table (no matter how good your content is).

Another challenge we face when creating links is that spammers have tarnished the reputation of honest SEOs and link creators. It's possible that the website made a mistake when linking to external content, for example, or that the linked website deleted the page in question. In part because Google will penalize your website if you appear to be participating in link schemes, and partly because naturally attracted links tend to come from a variety of different sources, ultimately increasing your authority. A broken link is a link on a website that no longer leads to the content it's supposed to refer to.

Creating links on websites that already have high authority will transfer some of that authority to you, accelerating the increase in your domain authority. Along with the value of SEO, link building can have brand power, but you must maintain consistency with brand messages. You'll be completely dependent on manual link creation, and yet you won't have powerful content that serves as a destination for your new links. If you can go to a website that doesn't belong to you and manually place your link there, that's called “adding a link”.

Therefore, if you create a lot of links to your page and it still has a poor ranking, analyze other ranking factors that could prevent you from ranking well. Links from websites on the same topic as yours are considered to provide more value than links from irrelevant websites. In addition to the mistrust created by spammers, Google has been spreading false information about links and linking practices. While link building is a powerful SEO tactic, you can't improve your rankings without these other expert-backed strategies.

Maybe that's why so many modern SEO experts have tried to make SEO synonymous with link building.