In which way can you benefit from sharing links on social media?

Capture and cultivate even more free traffic · 3.In the 90s and the first decade of the 21st century, complete websites were published on the web so that they would be independent, without being shared, commented, tweeted or placed on advertisements. They were simply read, possibly marked as favorites and probably forgotten, since the first wave of attempts of Internet users in the world hit the shores of search pages that Yahoo, and later Google, could find by keyword. Many sites shared links with other unfortunate ones and gained at least some recognition in search engines. Others simply died alone on page 104, disconnected and without love.

The ability to insert links now allows users of all sizes to rethink how they use the platform to promote themselves or their company. Increasing brand awareness and visibility are priorities for small businesses and creators to increase their presence and incorporate social networks into their marketing strategy. One of the main factors is boosting organic traffic. Social media content has a wide reach.

It helps attract more traffic than simply having your content on a website. While links are only used to pass the page rank to the website, social networks simultaneously attract a large amount of traffic that is easy to convert because it comes from a genuine audience. For example, an average user has 150 friends and when they share content from any brand, they share it among their 150 friends and, if the loop continues, the reach of the content increases exponentially, even if 5 more people share the same content. Let's take the Adidas example mentioned above, the Instagram post includes new Adidas soccer boots and the link that accompanies the publication is the platform where you can buy the product, which is a relevant link to that publication.

Links to social networks are very important to attract traffic to your website, they also increase the authenticity of your website and a well-created website is also very important. Most social media sites use untracked links, which means that they don't give equity to SEO links. The wider distribution gives you a better chance of reaching someone who references them and uses a tracking link. Following the previous Chaffey model (201), it is essential to increase website traffic through social networks, so links must be included in social media posts to achieve this.

Finally, links on Instagram and Twitter should take users to a specific page on the web domain, for example, for Adidas to link users to the product's direct page on Instagram in the example mentioned above. The importance of using links on social networks has been studied; if used effectively, links on social networks can generate traffic to the website, increase brand awareness and create a “call to action” that allows the customer to make a purchase. On Facebook, Hughes (201) mentioned the importance of including a visible link and keeping the description short, with 15 words being the ideal length for describing a link. The importance of links on social networks has been mentioned and examples of effective practices have been mentioned; however, it is also of fundamental importance to be able to measure the effectiveness of links from social networks to the company's web domain.