Why are links helpful?

Links are important and useful because they allow people to dive deeper into the topics that interest them. Inbound links are the most beneficial because PageRank is transferred from other sites to your site. By their very nature, links are a symbol of trust. A link is just a piece of code, but it bridges the gap between two websites.

This means that when you place a link on your website, you are voluntarily directing users of your site to a page on another website. And while a big part of this may seem like it's about linking from posts to money pages, there's a lot to be said about linking from your money page to the most related items. Most SEOs think correctly about links that come from outside a website, since this is how Google will find your site when you browse the web, but internal links also serve to transmit authority to your website, so it's essential that your internal “link architecture” is well thought out. Whenever a website links to another website, the creator of the content that used the link did so for some reason.

So, you might only have one link on a page that doesn't have the nofollow tag, meaning that that link was the only one that passed authority and surpassed most of the page's capital. All of them refer to the benefits obtained by linking raw without nofollow (although some can be obtained even when linked with nofollow, although certainly not to the same extent). However, if you have a very large website, the internal pages should receive most of the external links and that's why it's essential to have links to the most important pages from all the internal pages, as well as from the home page. If you're still scratching your head with internal links and creating links in your content, call us to send us an email.

I think internal links are fairly simple and common sense and, with a little planning, most people can do most of the elements of internal link building. Often, they like the page they link to because it contains information that supports or is based on the information on the first page. Even if the link to the website doesn't provide a call to action, the link itself is a form of promotion. As long as you don't carelessly provide links to pages that install malware, that pop up windows, or that sell Shamwow, you don't need to be especially careful than you would when linking to potential 404s.

Even if you link to a site or page that has been occupied by a domain usurper, an aspiring pornographer, or a Twilight fan, your visitors are likely to be left with a great deal of forgiveness, especially if it's an old link. That's why when you browse GrowTraffic's posts and pages, you'll see links to other relevant pages, such as SEO, content marketing, link building, and internal link building.