Is link building expensive?

Generally, you should be prepared to pay a few thousand dollars a month and several hundred dollars per quality link if you want to be successful. Paid link building is the practice of websites that pay other websites for backlinks that point to their own domain. Although link building is a fundamental SEO strategy, buying links is absolutely prohibited by search engines and can result in severe penalties. The external domain will provide you with “do not follow” or “yes” backlinks.

Obviously, long-term results depend on your commitment; you can't build a single link and expect a tremendously high ROI. Therefore, it's crucial to develop an action plan before moving forward with the purchased link building. When you have strict requirements, a custom link building strategy is often more appropriate than the price per link, to ensure that you create a plan to get links that meet your internal expectations. Placing a link can be the beginning of a new relationship with another company, obtaining referral traffic, or even brand recognition if the link comes from a major publication such as TechCrunch.

Unlike having internal link building, you can work with providers and sell links higher than they charge. Creating links that can really benefit your website in terms of improving your search engine rankings is crucial if you want to get the most out of your investment. Now that you know the costs of working with link building agencies, let's take a look at internal link building prices. As the page that includes the link receives more search traffic, increases its visibility, or acquires more links from other domains, the value of that link increases.

Below, they list examples, such as directly buying a link that exceeds PageRank, exchanging links in excess, automated link building techniques, or intimidating people into establishing links with contracts or terms of service. The price of a “general” link is a bit vague, since it could come from a service such as specialized Edits or it could be an outreach link obtained by creating and promoting linkable content assets. But as you can imagine, there's a reason why these link building agencies do well: they get results. One of the first things you should consider when creating links for your website is how the vertical you are in affects the number of links you need to be competitive.