How many backlinks should i create per day?

However, even 500 links a day are safe if they are created naturally through organic exposure, such as content that goes viral, a publication on a fashion topic or the celebration of a special event for your company. You can securely create 1 link or even 500 links per day. There's no limit to how many links you can create as long as you follow the rules. That means that if you have a cat care website, a link from a computer repair website won't do you any good.

Similarly, the better and more powerful the content on your site is, the easier it will be to get good quality backlinks. In short, creating backlinks quickly isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as the backlinks you build are of quality and the strategies you use build links naturally. You see, Google will also start to get suspicious if it sees that all your backlinks come from one place. This helps a lot when it comes to reviewing your backlinks and thinking about which ones are of quality and which are not.

A good rule of thumb is to try to get about ten backlinks a day if you want to be safe and, at the same time, maintain an aggressive stance. So, when you hear stories of people being penalized for creating a lot of links on a daily basis, it's very likely that they aren't creating the types of backlinks that are considered relevant and secure backlinks. Many of these “buy backlinks” offers venture into shady backlink strategies that aren't approved by Google. This means that if you try to add backlinks from low-quality websites, such as PBNs or web-based directories, Google might notice what you're doing.

While they're likely to be faithful when it comes to providing backlinks to your website, those backlinks are very likely to impose penalties on you. For those of you who need speed, you can create unlimited backlinks as long as you meet the following conditions. With each new update related to backlinks, Google shows that it places much more importance on quality than quantity. People who are penalized for creating a lot of backlinks every day could be penalized because their links don't vary much.

These backlinks won't be natural, and Google will quickly reverse any positive effects they may have had on your website. For this reason, try to limit yourself to 10 backlinks a day until you start to notice that your rankings naturally go up.