What is the purpose of links and how useful it is?

Links are important and useful because they allow people to dive deeper into the topics that interest them. A link from your website to someone else's website. Without external links, there is no Web, since the Web is a network of web pages. Use external links to provide information in addition to the content available on your website.

Not only do search engines follow the links to discover the different pages of the website, but they also use the visible text of the link to determine which search queries are appropriate to reach the destination website. Even if the link to the website doesn't provide a call to action, the link itself is a form of promotion. Avoid link text that is too concise and ambiguous, and avoid reusing the same link text on a page for links that lead to different destinations. A link between two web pages, where both web pages belong to the same website, is called an internal link.

Instead, I want to analyze the ways in which links are commonly used, to show the important role that links play on the Internet. Links can correlate any text string with a URL, so that the user can instantly access the target document by activating the link. If the link is present, it is understood that the link (and the website that supports it) is legitimate and worthwhile. When a link leads to a document that is not a web page, such as a PDF or Word document, it must be clarified in the text of the link.

Be sure to create links that connect to information relevant to your industry and to other specialized resources. Good link text helps all users find the information they need, and is especially useful for screen reader users, who can navigate pages moving from one link to another and hear only the text of each link separately. It would be tempting to use shortcuts that could help you create a series of links in the shortest possible time, especially if you're just starting out. There are several different ways to use links effectively, such as searching the many websites that are within your reach, using links to connect to the different social media channels that may be valuable to you and your company, and using links to explore websites that you consider safe and relevant to your particular company.

As long as the sites are still active and the links remain intact, those links are a big help to your business.