What are the 3 parts of links?

The first part of a hyperlink is the URL that you are linking to. This part will always start with. The second part is the words that appear on the screen. Finally, you must close the hyperlink with.

In this post, we'll start with a basic answer to the question of “what is a website URL?” Next, we'll discuss the 3 most important parts of a URL structure, as well as how each of those parts connects to your WordPress site. The protocol tells your browser how to communicate with a website server to send and retrieve information. In other words, it's what allows a URL to work in the first place. Traditionally, most sites have used the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and this version will continue to appear on the Internet.

There's plenty of space on the Internet for everyone. People love to share ideas, shape their thoughts, and maybe even reach a global audience. How do you get on the road to achieving all that? For once, what would happen if you started one? Watch the video below to learn the different parts of a URL.