Why is a link important?

For small businesses, more links %3 more search traffic %3 times more customers. By their very nature, links are a symbol of trust. A link is just a piece of code, but it bridges the gap between two websites. This means that when you place a link on your website, you are voluntarily directing users of your site to a page on another website.

Have you ever been reading an article or browsing a website and noticed blue, underlined words? This is a hyperlink. These are links to websites that guide users around the Internet. Link from one website to another. Creating links can help a user to participate more on your website and to learn more about the topic you're linking to.

Internal links connect a page to another page, where the source domain is the same as the destination domain. When your target audience browses the web and learns about your website through external links, they learn about your brand. However, if you have a very large website, the internal pages should receive most of the external links and that's why it's essential to have links to the most important pages from all the internal pages, as well as from the home page. Because Google's algorithms are very complex and constantly evolving, links are still an important factor in how each search engine determines which sites rank according to which keywords.

When you create a link, you'll want to look for opportunities to create contextual links to other pieces of relevant content. However, there are a few more technical things you might want to consider when creating your internal links. Immediately after this update, some SEO professionals were initially under the impression that links no longer mattered; however, this isn't the case. If the link is present, it is understood that the link (and the website that supports it) is legitimate and worthwhile.

I have had hundreds of conversations about a myriad of different liaison philosophies with clients, colleagues, friends, and even with poor and unprepared people who had the audacity to ask me about my work. Providing good data and information on a particular topic makes it an interesting read for your target audience and for external websites that are relevant to the topic and that would be happy to link to you. Most SEOs think correctly about links that come from outside a website, since this is how Google will find your site when you browse the web, but internal links also serve to transmit authority to your website, so it's essential that your internal “link architecture” is well thought out. In fact, links are the main reason why search engines react positively to high-quality content.

You can think of links as the adhesive that holds the Internet together because they connect all the dots on their own.