How do i make links more visible?

Here are examples of how to improve the visibility of links on your own website, with a different and high-contrast color than that of the body of the text, preferably underlined (this depends on the general design of the website), change color when you hover the mouse over them, in a different color if they have already been visited. The most obvious way to make something look like a link is to underline it. Based on your example, I think that these are clearly about links. The position, the container and the words themselves, even when the scrolling state is not activated, say “link”.

Why aren't you sure how obvious these links are? How do you know? If you test with users (appropriate tests), I think you'll find that no one has a problem identifying them as they are. You can even try a screenshot on part of the page. Ask people to tap what they see as links (that is, don't tell them things like “how would you get to the home page”) and I think you'll see that they put their finger right where you want them to. User testing can be that simple.

By default, HTML links can be focused. This is especially useful for people who only use the keyboard to interact with a web page. It's important to know what topic you're currently focusing on. The default focus style for Chrome is a faint blue border, while for Mozilla it's a discontinuous border.

Developers have the freedom to change these colors whenever they are easily noticed. Maximiliano Burgos - December 13 '22.A screen reader user who doesn't want to read all the content of their page and instead retrieves all the links will only have one link with the text 'here'. Underlining a link is probably one of the most intuitive ways of implying that some text is linked. Links are common things on the Internet, your tips make my links stand out from others, thank you for sharing this post.

While it's difficult to determine the best link sizes, links, especially those that are presented within their own block, should not be too small or too large. Links are one of the most fundamental components of successful content on your website, yet many people create them, knowingly or unknowingly, in ways that decrease their effectiveness. By default, all links have an underlined style, which means that if you remove the style sheet from the site, each and every link will contain an underscore. Small links can make it difficult for users with motor disabilities to activate them, while very large links can be activated by mistake.